Australorp Chickens

We have purchased show quality Large Australorp hens and roosters to start breeding Australorp Chickens.  Armstrong Organics are concentrating on large volume Pullet Hen sales for egg farms.  Also for sale will be smaller Pullet Hen numbers to individuals, day old chickens (unsexed) in any quantity, and fertile eggs on request.  We won't be selling eggs for the table.  Also for sale will be large quantities of males for use as Broilers.

We have invested in commercial size Greatlander incubators and hatchers to ensure higher hatch success rates.

Australorps lay an average of one egg a day and are a highly sought after chicken in the laying industry.  Australorps are a larger bodied chicken meaning they are a dual purpose breed being used for meat as well.

This will be an exciting time for our farm because chickens will not only be eating all our insects on the farm but also fertilising the pasture.  They will move from paddock to paddock one week behind the cows in a mobile chicken coop with a Maremma dog for protection.

Looking forward to it!

Currently taking interest from:

*  Prospective egg farmers who would like to see large   
    numbers of Australorps roaming free on their farm. 
*  Broiler Farmers in need of large quantities of day old
    male chickens.
*  Pet shops and Produce Stores looking for day old
    chickens (unsexed).

Feel free to send us an email letting us know who you are and quantities needed - [email protected]